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The kingdom of lies

May 29, 2014

The kingdom of lies

A famous and incredibly successful campaigner against sexual trafficking of girls in Cambodia has raised countless millions with her heart wrenching tales of slavery. It’s too bad every word was false. Yup, this article exposes the whole scheme: The “victims” she paraded on TV were chosen after auditions. They were made to memorize their tales of torture and abuse. The girl whose eye was gouged out by the pimp? Yeah, she was never a prostitute and had the eye removed because of a malignant tumor.

The founder of the whole organization has repeated wild and contradictory tales of her own life in the sex trade, all of which are exposed as untrue.

How many times are gullible Westerners going to be suckered by these charismatic Third World “do-gooders” whose only real goal is to enrich themselves by any means necessary?


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