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May I recommend a movie?

May 26, 2014

I just watched the movie “Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars” on Netflix. I was a little depressed before I watched this movie. Business has been slow. But this film really put things into perspective.

This film follows six refugees from Sierra Leone who have fled to a UN refugee camp in Guinea to escape the awful horrors of the war in Sierra Leone. They are trying to deal with the awful, crushing evil they have seen and been victims of while struggling with the dire poverty of their conditions. The poverty is so great that I could trace the success of the band members by their clothes and hair styles. The fact that they can even keep going in the face of unimaginable stress and suffering is pretty incredible by itself.

This film is inspiring and thought-provoking on several levels. It does definitely make you appreciate what you have, not just materially but in terms of education, health, safety, the whole nine yards. It also makes you think about the nature of music. These folks have only the most bare instruments, some of which they made themselves: guitars, drums, a harmonica, and of course their voices. And yet they sound great. Their drummer is far better than me. After all, they had very few distractions in the refugee camp from practicing their instruments. They had no work, no electricity, no other entertainment. So, even with the most bare of tools and endless time, they became a very good band.

So, for good music and an inspiring message, watch this movie.


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