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CrossFit! What a great way to start the morning!

May 17, 2014

If anybody was driving down Panama Lane this morning and saw a guy in a blue shirt with a beard puking his guts out by the side of the road, it was me. Thank you for not stopping and asking if I was ok: I would have just been even more embarrassed. I could only do about two thirds of the brutal workout this morning: “Dork”. It started with 33 deadlifts at 225 lbs. (no huge deal) and  15 burpees. The next challenge was supposed to be 33 reps of 225 lb. back squats, but my legs said no way, so I did them at 135. I did the next set of burpees, but then I just started to feel really sick and crawled, literally crawled, on my hands and knees out the door to get some air after laying on my back on the floor a while. 

I can’t really describe it except to say your body can only take so much. At some point, your muscles just start to give out, your stomach is turning, you feel dizzy, and things have clearly gone off the rails.

I thought I was ok to drive, so I went and bought an ice tea and gulped it on the way home, Yeah, big mistake. Enter power puking. 

So, how did your weekend start?


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