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Milestones: Guess what we do in the morning?

May 10, 2014

Having triplets provides a sort of “group think” where it is easy for everybody to get excited about the sames stages in life. They reinforce and encourage each other’s development. In the mornings now, when the babies wake up and before they are picked up out of bed by the nannies, the talk is all about: peeing!

“I gotta pee!” I wanna go potty!!” “Me too!, me pee!” “Me pee in potty like big girl!” It’s hysterical. Then they practically sprint down the stairs to their little potties. Afterwards, it is time for celebration: High fives, “Good job!”, candy treats, and big grins all around!

From → My children

  1. Erica Greene permalink

    Ahhhhh so cute! I can’t wait to see everyone! I’m coming home this upcoming Saturday. 🙂

  2. Erica Greene permalink

    How about a tattoo on my bald head… too much? 😉

    • Yeah, let’s not get ridiculous. Ok, maybe a small one, on the back, but not the full skull covering. I mean, a lady should be a lady, you know? 😉

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