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Santa Barbara is for romance

May 3, 2014

Santa Barbara is a very romantic place. We went out last night to a local bar and listened to a live five piece band. They were an electric lead guitar, an electric bass guitar, a tenor sax, an acoustic rhythm guitar, an a drum set. They were excellent! The crowd was really into them, with lots of people dancing and enjoying their music.
Tonight we hit a crepes restaurant. The food was fabulous. I feel like I have been stuffing myself silly since I got here. Every meal has been gourmet, and I eat every bite I can get down.
Most of the houses have lots of flowers in their front yard. Many have interesting architecture.
In case you are curious as to why my face is so red in the accompanying photo , it is not that I am wasted, I just got horribly sunburned walking around today. You would figure at 45 I would have that one down, but I screwed up.



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  1. Glad your having a wonderful time ! You guys look great !

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    So happy you had a romantic week end. This is the perfect way to celebrate five years of marriage. Keep up the good work. We all love you two.


  3. Erica permalink

    Looks like a wonderful vacation! Love you both. ❤️

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