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It is so strange to be me

April 28, 2014

For those who read this blog but do not know me personally, I am a locally prominent criminal defense and family law attorney. I have handled countless cases, been on TV and radio, and done lots of advertising. I have a warehouse filled with thousands of old cases. I have made enemies beyond number.

I went to Walmart today. It’s pretty rare I go shopping, but today was the day. A big middle-aged white guy, a total stranger, started staring angrily at me from at least fifty yards away. He then slowly walked up to me. When I say he looked angry, I mean his eyes just burned with pure hatred and rage. He looked at me with such intensity that when he got close, I started to take evasive action. I thought he was going to hit me. Then he wordlessly walked past me.

About once a year, somebody barely restrains the urge to just run up to me and start pounding on me. It never stops freaking me out. And I can never figure out what the heck their problem is…



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  1. Your only human Hun. Anyone treated that way by a total stranger, of course it’s a natural response to of felt the need to be ready to defend yourself. I’m sure it was someone’s op that lost their kids, or had to pay support. It comes with the game that you play Hun. Comes with the job. Just means whatever the case was, you kicked his ass in it. Lol

  2. That would be frightening… a penny for his thoughts…

  3. Georgann Greene permalink

    Being a defense attorney does have its drawbacks. Having people recognize you in public is one of them. Be careful out there.

    Love, Mom

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