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It is not perfect

April 12, 2014

Italy is a great place, but it is not without issues. This article neatly lays out the difficulties Italy has had in promoting tourism to the southern part of the country. Italy, unfortunately, has epic waste, fraud, red tape, and corruption, as well as huge disparities in income between the north and south. Unfortunately, those issues are holding it back from being the tourist powerhouse it could be.

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  1. Pickpockets everywhere, not enough jobs, but certainly some of the worlds best attractions, The Colosseum, the Vatican, the fine merchants… But be ready to get ripped off, beginning with the taxis that pick you up from the airport… Barely off the plane and we were robbed by the taxi driver- who charged us about 7 times the amount it cost- Some Italian ladies who met us, when they heard started screaming at the taxi driver that he was charging too much, Husband was pick pocketed on the public transportation..,,but unfortunately when crime becomes an accepted way of life…Little you can do but avoid the country…

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