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Let’s start the day with a burst of blatant reverse racism, shall we?

April 5, 2014

So, my entire family and I went to Hart Park here in Bakersfield this morning to do a photo shoot. As we got out of the car, a Hispanic female security guard came running up and told us with gestures to get back in our cars and leave. Since I speak Spanish, I asked her why. We were in a public park, in a parking area surrounded by cars, with lots of people in the park. Why do we have to leave?

Because there was a mariachi concert on the other side of the huge park and  the entire park was reserved. And since we obviously weren’t going to the mariachi concert, we needed to leave. Now. “You people can’t be here today.”

Uh, so it’s Mexicans only at the park today, is it? And since we don’t fit in, we need to leave? I am usually the most submissive guy in real life. I hate drama with a passion. But this one bugged me. I engaged her in a short argument, stating that the park was for everyone, today and every day. And she could call the cops, I didn’t care. I would let them explain to me why being in Hart Park while white today was illegal. I was staying or leaving in handcuffs. You figure it out. Mind you, she wasn’t even trying to charge me for parking. I was at least a mile from the concert. We were just the wrong race. Period.

So we went to go take our photos and she got on her cell phone. I guess somebody didn’t want to escalate it, because Johnny Law didn’t come out. However, I was there for an hour, and she stopped every Anglo family coming to the park and told them to leave. And they did. I was the only one who refused.

Just imagine if there was a country music concert at the park, and the white security guards were told to tell all the minorities, sorry, no minorities at Hart Park today. The park is reserved for white people. Our politically correct media would explode. Minorities would riot, picket, protest, fight. But white people say, oh, ok, and meekly leave.


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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    I see your point.


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