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That’s my Pope, putting foot to ass

April 3, 2014

That’s my Pope, putting foot to ass

A while back I wrote the Pope an open letter begging him to do something about the Cardinal in Germany who was building himself a $43 million dollar palace as a personal residence. Well, blow me down, he did: the Pope accepted his resignation last week. Not only did His Eminence build a mansion that would make P. Diddy blush, but he lied both to the public and to the Cardinal who was sent to investigate it by Pope Francis. That one was too much, and the former Cardinal will be reassigned, presumably to wash the feet of AIDS patients in Africa, while he is forced to meditate on the deadly sin of greed.

You go, Pope Francis! Wow.

And you better believe the message is out now, baby! It turns out he wasn’t the only example of such deviance from the way of Christ: Several bishops, archbishops and Cardinals in the United States have their oh-so-embarrassing half built castles to back away from. There are none as extreme as $43 million, but some pretty sick rapper pads built for MTV Cribs nevertheless. I just love the interview with the Bishop of Atlanta as he admits he just came to realize that his crazy mansion is, um, perhaps, er, I guess, a little bit of a mistake. Yeah, his eyes have been opened now, and, uh, he sees the light, etc.

And you watch, once the clergy knows that the boss is watching and really cares about their behavior, the comportment of the hierarchy in general will improve. I bet there are some sugar babies and rent boys out there who just got laid off now that Bishop So-and-So knows the boss is watching the expense account a little closer.

I have read that the actions of Pope Francis are not changing people’s minds: Catholics are staying Catholics, and people who hate the Church still hate it. But all he can do is try his best to reform the institution and make it a better place. He certainly has my support.


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  1. donaldlgreene44 permalink

    Tough job!

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    So far, so good. I am proud of Pope Francis’ first year. I pray for him and our president everyday. Leadership is a tough job at all levels. They both have my respect for trying hard with difficult situations. I hope they leave the world a better place as a result of their hard work.

    Love, Mom

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