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A busy day in the Greene family, part two

April 3, 2014

So, a couple of days ago, I was playing video games up in my bedroom as usual when I heard a blood-curdling scream. Right away, Tyler pounded frantically at my door and started screaming that Joey had stabbed Tayler. OH SHIT! There are very few reasons to interrupt a good video game: this was one of them.

We sprinted down the stairs together as I prayed it was just a defensive hand wound, no big deal. I mean, they scuffle once in a while, but a stabbing? Oh shit! Tayler is down on the ground, soaked in blood, with Destiny trying to compress an obviously serious wound in his upper torso. Wow, our lives just changed.

I stood there in shock, stunned and horrified. All I could think of to say was an obvious lie, “It’s going to be okay…”

“April Fool’s, Dad! Paybacks a bitch…”


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