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In Italy, even the most fabulous places can be forgotten

April 1, 2014

In Italy, even the most fabulous places can be forgotten

At St. Francis of Ripa, a beautiful baroque church that has a rich history, the Friar is doing a Kickstarter campaign to renovate it. Yes, this church, which is gorgeous and has rich works of art, is an also ran in Rome. The fact that St. Francis himself actually slept there hasn’t helped. It needs to be renovated, and the Italian government (which is supposed to handle those types of things) is just stretched too thin with too many amazing works of art to care for.

In Rome, places that would knock the socks off of people anywhere else are just left to decay from disuse, because the country is just filled with similarly amazing places. Italy is an incredible place.


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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    Part of the problem is that all of Europe is becoming more secularized, including Italy. The churches in the US are far more well attended than the churches in all of Europe. The people must value their heritage before funds will be allocated to repair the beautiful churches that they take for granted. Of course, Italy is known for having trouble with managing money anyway. Also, there is literally a church on every corner. I am sure it is an ongoing challenge to keep them all in repair.

    Blessings, Mom

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