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Tutto va bene! (Everything is going well!): The Italian language update

March 29, 2014

I just finished the third set of lessons in Pimsleur Italian. I am feeling pretty confident in Italian. I feel like I am ready to actually start talking in Italian. But to whom? I don’t know. But I am watching a television documentary series on Italian history, in Italian of course. I find it very interesting and I can understand very well what they are saying. I feel like I have made lots of progress, way more than I was expecting in only a little less than four months. Hey, it ain’t Chinese after all. 

When we go to Italy, I will be really ready to speak Italian. I figure it will be at least another year and a half, if not more. By that time, I will be dreaming in Italian.

There is only one set of lessons left in the Pimsleur course. I am hoping to learn a lot.

  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    I am very proud of you. Learning a new language is great exercise for the brain. You brain cells must be growing by leaps and bounds. Way to go!

    Love, Mom

  2. You are so smart Hun. Very proud of you. You have stuck with it for a good time to. Next year when we go you will very fluent. Keep it up Hun. Xoxo

  3. I’ve been studying Italian off and on for 3 years and travelling to Italy for a week. I’ve used different methods of learning and would be interested to communicate with you in Italian. Buon Viaggio!

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