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Ok, it was funny…

March 26, 2014

I just had someone mention in a comment my interesting About page. That reminded me: I haven’t looked at that page in ages. Well, someone else had and has been having some fun with it. Somehow, they managed to hack into my about page and make it read that I am an alcoholic and I like to hang out at gay bars. 

I was wondering why my About page was getting pretty good traffic. How did they get into it? I have no idea. There must be a security weakness or backdoor somewhere. Anyway, it was a nice touch with a deft hand. It was not so shocking as to be totally unbelievable (“I love to have sex with dead goats”) and therefore a sure sign of hacking, yet pretty daring. I wonder how many visitors are wondering why I am a proud gay man married to a female who also has nine kids who hangs out in gay bars. 

I am secure enough in my masculinity to appreciate the humor in it.


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