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“You make me feel like a natural woman” in San Francisco

March 1, 2014

So, after I finally found the hostel last night, I was starving. I found one of the few all night places in the area. I practically ran over there. I walked in and told the waiter I did not need a menu: Just get me a steak, whatever you like the best, and an appetizer, whatever you like. And right away, please. I am absolutely starving!

It came fast and I started gobbling like crazy. I noticed an odd vibe. I looked up and realized that there were two older guys sitting separately at two tables. They were both staring at me. They appeared to have been drinking. One wore a beret.

Of course, being from Bakersfield, I thought, what the hell is these guys’ problem? I haven’t done a thing. Then I realized that the were trying to catch my eyes: fiddling with their hats, hair, and clothes, crossing their legs, staring at my hips, etc. They didn’t blow me a kiss or ask if I was in town for the convention, but it was heading that direction. It’s not that I am hot: These guys were old and out of shape, and probably haven’t seen any action since disco was cool.

I just stared intently at my plate. Sorry fellas, but the only juicy meat I am shoving in my mouth tonight is this steak.

They eventually got the point, paid for their drinks, and left. It occurs to me: This must be what it is like to be a woman pretty much every day of your life. If you sit alone at the diner late on Friday night, you have to ignore guys making eyes at you. That must get tiring.


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One Comment
  1. Ha! That’s a walk in the park. If only that’s all dudes did to hit on women. Lol at least they didn’t try to man handle you. Lol

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