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The lessons of the trip to San Francisco

March 1, 2014

The trip on Greyhound went pretty well. I do need to pack food, though. It’s a tough six hour drive with no food, and none is available on the trip.

No more hostels. This place is fine, but I am way too jumpy and fearful to sleep in a room with eleven other people. Next time, I am going to spring for a hotel room.

Most importantly, I figured out how to use the Uber app to call taxis. Without it, this place can be rough. Last night I got repeatedly lost trying to walk to the hostel. The driving rainstorm didn’t help. I was fortunate I had a full charge on my phone from the bus. Also, I downloaded a compass app onto my phone. Without it, it is easy to get turned around and lost. I did it repeatedly last night. I went the wrong direction at one point and then had to turn around and walk back in the rain to where I started. And getting a cab? Forget it. They just ignored me like crazy. For all they know, I am some crazy homeless guy looking to rob them. Better to go get that fare who used Uber.


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