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A big public “thank you” to the two most awesome studs in San Francisco!

March 1, 2014

Hey, you two! Yeah you! I just wanted to thank you for revving your big studly panhead Harley’s with no mufflers underneath my open dorm window for the last three hours. Nothing says “good morning” like the stench of exhaust filling the room and the “I can’t hear myself think” roar of two big block engines being revved to their max. And of course, you guys had to scream in Italian at each other the entire time. I understand. Those damn bikes are so loud! You had to scream to be heard.

I just wanted you to know all the girls were swooning over your display of macho, self-centered studliness. Your “I don’t give a shit about other people” attitude is so manly!


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  1. Ya that sucks. They don’t get it. Totally not sexy.

  2. Georgann Greene permalink

    I totally understand your frustration. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. That sort of self-centered approach to life happens when people have no respect for those around them. This bad behavior will definitely catch up with them some day. It was sad you happened to be where those jerks were hanging out. This is another reason to stay in a better neighborhood next time.

    Blessings, Mom.

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