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Echoes of Joseph Stalin

February 22, 2014

I thought, on the occasion of the overthrow of the Ukrainian dictator, I would reblog this post from August 28, 2011.

Benjamin Greene's Blog

Joseph Stalin was a madman who executed and persecuted millions because of paranoid conspiracies that only he imagined.  Famously, not only were many of those he persecuted absolutely innocent, even the most fanatical communist was not safe.

He once had a man arrested who was a leader of the Communist Party from even before the revolution. Despite horrible torture, the man refused to sign a confession that he had been a traitor. Finally, the poor man was dragged before the firing squad. As they pointed their rifles, he screamed, “Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Comrade Stalin!” Then they fired.

It’s not hard to see echoes of the past here. Fear is a powerful tool. Everywhere in the Ukraine are portraits in the street of the current dict… I mean authoritarian President, excuse me, of the Ukraine. One is just steps from the entrance to my apartment. It talks about…

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