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An open letter to Pope Francis

February 21, 2014

An open letter to Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis,

You seem like a good guy. You are trying, obviously, to reform the Catholic Church into a church that serves the people. But some of your employees have not gotten the message. In a big way. This archbishop has built himself a vacation palace with funds collected from his parishioners. He lives alone, of course, so a 7500 square foot vacation home with every imaginable bell and whistle seems obscenely excessive. This is while he has rammed through huge cutbacks in services to his parishioners.

Oh, and he’s one of these guys who fight to cover up the child abusing priests. And, just to make him the all purpose villain, presents himself, of course, with a haughty and arrogant attitude toward his inferiors. Yeah, the kind of guy who insists on living in luxury and demands that everyone call him, “Your Grace”. So basically, he is a walking example of the worst of the Catholic hierarchy in all it’s glory.  When people criticize the Catholic Church, they really mean the people like him. One guy like him ruins the work of tens of thousands of your loyal servants in Christ.

You are the boss, Sir. The buck stops with you. This guy, for all his power, is outranked by you. Do something. Please. For the sake of everybody who believes in you, and in turn, in the church. Jesus would want you to fix this. If you turn that palace into a home for unwed mothers or recovering drug addicted babies, you get to be the hero. Just do it.


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