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Fitness sucks

February 17, 2014

Frequent readers will recall that I bragged about my personal record on the grueling CrossFit workout, “Grace”, yesterday. Well, today I paid the price. I spent the day in agony and asleep. I slept all night long, them took two multi-hour naps for a total of about twenty hours of sleep. The first thought that hits my brain when I wake up is, “Oh God, everything hurts!”

This is the price I pay to be reasonably in shape at this age (45). It just sucks, but it is unavoidable. I can’t shake off tough workouts like I used to, but I refuse to just go for a walk at the mall. I want to be able to run with a backpack to catch a city bus in San Francisco if I want to, and working out is the only way to get there.

What’s funny is I no longer work out with a group CrossFit class because I am so incapable of doing real workouts. Something like “Grace” that wipes me out for days, is a warm up for most “real” CrossFit groups. I just felt like a fool giving up after half an hour of struggle with some grueling workout with fifteen subparts, next to some super-human natural athlete just ripping through it like nothing.


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