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Sprinting and prayer in the valley of broken dreams

January 23, 2014

A cross a seven lane highway from the Club de Soleil complex in Las Vegas is a huge park. It is next to The Orleans Casino. So I risked my life sprinting across the street to go work out there.

It is a nice park if you ignore all the dead grass. Budget cuts are responsible, I assume. The best part is the great views of the Strip casinos to the East and the purple mountains to the West. It was a cool and overcast day, so it was a great day to be outdoors in Las Vegas.

I forced myself to run the whole length of the available grass in the valley of the park. I guessed it was about half a mile or 800 meters round trip. It was brutal. I had to dig deep to finish them, even with a full rest in between. I held back from vomiting in public, though. The first lap was a good run. The second was faster than a jog but much slower than the first time.

After the last lap, I flopped on my back and panted for air. I felt my heart exploding as I also felt every minute of my forty five years. I stared at the clouds above and listened to the traffic roar.

I listened to the little children play innocently at the park, the joggers laughing as they went by, the dogs barking. I thought about all the millions being spent all around me: casinos, strip clubs, restaurants, bars.

And I asked the universe for health, success, and peace in my life.



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  1. Just like our room issues, all u gotta do is ask Hun. Prayers have more power then u think. Ask and you shall receive. But u gotta believe with a full heart. Faith!!! Love you honey, u are always crazy with ur workouts.

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