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Milestones: The joy of making sentences

January 4, 2014

It has been a while since I reported a milestone in the triplets’ development. But Laila, particularly, has made a huge leap in her communication abilities. She started a few days ago saying long nonsense “sentences” that ended with a real word like “Mama” or “Cyrus”. Her tone of voice and basic delivery was good, you just couldn’t understand the “words”. And then suddenly, she started actually talking.

She has been sick lately and her mom took her to bed with us. She started by saying, “Hey, Mom, hi. Hey, Dada, hi.” Then suddenly it was, “Momma, wanna watch TV?” It was a real surprise, and very cute, even at 4:00 am. Michelle and I looked at her with shock and surprise and she giggled uproariously. Then yesterday she started playing a game with a little stuffed bear by throwing it at us and then yelling joyfully “Give me that!” over and over again. It was perfectly clear. She just laughed and laughed. She has also mastered “Come on!” to get adults to follow her to go play. You can tell she just loves to talk like a big person. It gives her the biggest grins and laughs.


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  1. donaldlgreene44 permalink

    Wow! Dad

  2. Georgann permalink

    This is so exciting. Maybe she will talk to us on skype. Let’s set a time.

    Love, Grandma G.

  3. Way to go miss Laila !

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