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The monthly practice report

December 11, 2013

Tonight I did an hour of sax and two hours of guitar. In the last month, I did the following practice amounts: 25.5 guitar, 20.0 cello, 6.0 banjo, 7.5 harmonica, 3.0 music theory, 8.5 sax = 70.5 hours. Next month my goal will be to get at least 25 hours each of practice on the sax, guitar, and cello, for a total of 75 hours.

I feel as though I finally have the right instruments. The guitar, cello, and sax all sound great. None of them have annoying tones. The harmonica and banjo and getting put into the closet. I can only concentrate on three instruments, and even that is probably two too many.

Those three instruments are all very versatile. They don’t have strong cultural connotations that restrict them to a certain style of music. Yet they are mainstays of pop and country (acoustic guitar), classical (the cello) and jazz (the sax). Between those three instruments I can play any style of music and in any band, from Dixieland to chamber music.

One Comment
  1. Georgann permalink

    This must be your version of multitasking. Good luck with that.

    Love, Mom

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