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A very practical use for the acoustic guitar

December 10, 2013

Tonight my twenty seven month old triplets were not in the mood to go to bed. When we put them down, all three started screaming their little heads off. And believe me, if you have ever heard one kid that age throw an utter tantrum, just imagine what it sound like multiplied by three. Even with the door closed, the house just was filled with baby screams.

I finally decided to try something. I took my steel string acoustic guitar and went into their room. I left the light off and told them I was going to play them a little guitar. I then proceeded to work on my chord changes and play scales like I normally do during my practices. Their screaming quickly died down to a whimper. And soon, they were fast asleep. Yay! I knew this skill would come in handy some day.


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  1. That’s a daddy moment that melts my heart. The kids will grow up with those memories. As well as attending the boys recital the other night. A daddy that cares will had children that care back. Gold stars for you!! Love you honey.

  2. donaldlgreene44 permalink

    Very nice! Dad

  3. Love it ! Cherish those moments they are priceless ! Love ya more mom

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