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Rap around the world

December 7, 2013

One of the things I find interesting about rap is how every culture makes it their own. Each group that adopts rap takes something of the traditional music of their people and samples it as part of their rap music. But yet the traditional themes of American rap seem to never change.

Check out this rap from South African rapper Vetkook vs Mahoota, “iStovkela”. It incorporates traditional African singing, drums, and dancing. It is sung in Zulu. Yet the theme of partying up in the club with all the fine women, is straight out of any American rap.

The next one is even more original. Rap and traditional African drumming and singing don’t seem that far apart. But Fabri Fibra, an Italian rapper, introduces choir music and opera singing into his rap. Again, a taste of the Italian traditional culture. But the theme of this rap, which I do understand, is his pride in being Italian. He brags about the rich Italian culture. Again, this theme of pride in one’s origins is very typical in American rap as well.

From East LA/Mexico comes Akwid. They rap over traditional Mexican instrumental themes with traditional-sounding choruses. I have actually seen these guys in concert. Very entertaining.

The last one is from France. It starts with a news broadcast about the rioting in the suburbs in Paris. Rapper Keny Arkana, a female, has some comments to make on the situation. Great rap and video, by the way.


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  1. Just goes to show the similarity in human nature no matter where you are in the world, or what culture you come from. Rap is an expression of personal experiences and life. All bundled together and labeled “rap”

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