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Our (hopefully) family project

November 29, 2013

Michelle and I have decided to study French together. We would like to teach our babies to be bilingual. Yes, Spanish is more practical, but French is the language of the country beloved by my mother, daughter, son, and wife. (I have not been there. Ahem.)

You never know if these things are going to work or not, but I am eternally trying to expose my kids to cultures other than those found in Bakersfield. I would like them to be more worldly. Hopefully, exposing them to one the world’s three global languages (along with English and Spanish) is a good start.

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  1. I think with the fact we came up with a goal of taking them to Paris in 3 years, they are interested in learning it now. As destiny so far as already said she would. As a graduation gift to her when she graduates from high school and doesn’t need her fathers permission to go at that point. She’s excited to go. As well as the boys. Gives us plenty of time to prepare financially, language studies, and work/baby care arraignments. It will be a great experience for them. To learn the language then to actually go see another country. As they have barely been out of California their entire lives. At least once in their life time I think it’s important to go experience another country. Many take travel for granted, but it’s such a great learning experience in life. U never realize how different we are until u go somewhere where English is not the primary language spoken. Also think it gives us a bigger family project. One to study the language then another to travel together to go see it. It’s such a beautiful place. With so much to offer. Think Italy, Hong Kong and Paris are the top three places that would be great to take them to. Any one of those would create great life long memories.

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