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Laila tells a story

November 28, 2013

Laila, my 26 month old little girl, told me a story today. She had her little dolly,and was using it at each step to illustrate the story.

Daddy! Baby sleeping. Baby tired. Baby sick. Baby has rash. Baby has poopy rash. See. Baby hurt.

Next scene: Time out Baby! Baby hit! Naughty baby! You sit! You bad baby! You sit! Time out! This is not funny! (Cyrus starts helping: “Yeah! Bad baby! You sit! This is not funny!”)

Next scene: Baby playing! Baby jump, Daddy! (Throws doll.) Whee!

I was impressed with her vocabulary and commitment to acting out the story. When the “naughty baby” part came, she scowled at her with fury and really got into it. And the whole sentence of “This is not funny!” was hysterical. I didn’t realize they listened to us that closely, but we say that all the time when they laugh at us for getting mad when they do something naughty.


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