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Milestones: Cyrus uses abstract reasoning

November 17, 2013

Cyrus was in his crib. He suddenly grabbed the camera for the monitoring system, looked right into it, and said. “Mama! Bottle empty!” He showed her the empty bottle, and asked for “Milk!”

How in the heck does Cyrus understand the whole monitoring system? How does he know that it shows him on a TV downstairs and his mom can see him? How did he figure out how to use it to order room service?

Wow, that is one smart kid!


From → My children

  1. He’s so dang smart. No clue how he figured it out. Maybe hearing sisters wake up, and seeing us look at it when he’s up before them. Lol but yes room service. Lol he’s so smart. He understands and his comprehension in all areas is amazing. He understands almost all instructions and explanations given to him. Like when he tells me just a sec./min. Waits for my response, then runs off gets his item, then runs back, lol

  2. Wow thats great !

  3. Georgann permalink

    When we gave you the monitoring system, we certainly did not envision it used for room service. That’s a riot! Dad says, “Amazing! Another reason to smile about our smart grandson. This is a great story to tell our family and friends. Thanks for passing it on.

    Love, Mom

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