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This is why I hate CrossFit

November 16, 2013

CrossFit will keep you in great shape, no doubt about it. But some of their workouts go to the far extremes, well past what would be unhealthy.

Today’s workout was a partner workout: 10,000 pounds of clean and jerks, 100 pull ups,200 push ups,300 air squats, and then carry a 300 lb. bag half a mile.

If this seems impossible, I would agree. I didn’t want to let a partner down, do I tried to do half of it solo.

I did 5,000 lbs. of clean and jerks, 10 pull ups, and then left. I felt horrible and didn’t want to ruin my week or get seriously injured. It had been an hour. I don’t know if other people actually finished the workout.


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  1. All that is absolutely nuts. That’s major over kill. Think u should of walked away that work out. As now ur saying ur in pain again. Smh

  2. Georgann permalink

    Common sense must be the theme for every workout, especially at your age.

    Blessings, Mom

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