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This guy is my hero

November 12, 2013

This is exactly how good I would love to be in Chinese. He can fluently order drinks at his local tea/juice stall. That is awesome! I don’t want to debate the classics of Chinese literature at my doctoral dissertation. I don’t want to translate through headphones at the opening day of the U.N. season. But, Lord, if I could talk like this guy…

By the way, just making it to his level of fluency is beastly hard! It would take years of hard work to get there. But to go to Taiwan and order a drink? I can’t explain why, really, but that would be priceless, and awesome!


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  1. You have nothing but time Hun. Just gotta stick with it, consistancy is hugely important at learning any language or musical instrument. But enjoy it, that will keep u motivated.

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