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So impressive!

November 10, 2013

These guys did this performance just by using the bare bones RealBook version of the melody, then improvising around it. Wow! I just wish I could make music like that.


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  1. Give your self time Hun. That was pretty impressive. U will if you can stick with the same instrument for a long period of time. Ur very smart Hun, u learn quicker then ur adverage person. And u have a obsessive drive to beat all others. Lol just lack consistancy and commitment to a single or even two instruments. Set urself up a goal, starting out realistic. A year I will play the ___________. Sure there will be days u lack interest or motivation. But just change things up. Play a new piece. Or take a day or two off. Doesn’t mean u can’t play any others. Just u should stick with the same one for a long period.

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