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A great week of practice

November 3, 2013

I did an hour of banjo today and an hour of cello. For the week: 10 hours on the banjo, 5.0 on the cello, .5 on the accordion.

I feel like I am making a lot of progress on my two primary instruments. I am becoming a lot more smooth and comfortable using second, third and fourth position on the cello. Also, my tonal quality and bow control have improved a lot as well.

The banjo is just really fun to play. I love the old fashioned sound it makes. I am working on a bunch of old time pieces to some day record.

It is also relaxing to just sit and strum and practice smooth chord changes on the banjo while I watch my children play. Good times.

  1. You know, just as an idea. As u spend huge amounts if time playing ur instruments. Why don’t u try to include the babies in ur practice. I bet they would love it. Give them each instruments and play together for fun. We have enough around here, and they would learn to love music at a young age, cause they would remember it as quality fun time with daddy. Just an idea.

  2. As I do the same when I work throughout my day, if I’m cleaning.. They have a squirt bottle and rag cleaning walls. Or a duster or their play vacuum and wiping down things. They enjoy it, cause its what moms doing.

  3. Use 30 min of ur huge amount of hours practicing to practice with them, they may surprise you. Plus quality time…. Can’t stress that enough

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