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Something to celebrate….

October 28, 2013

It has been fifteen days since I last worked out. I had a cold, and I didn’t feel like working out and making it so bad I had to miss work, so I took it easy on the workouts. Tonight, I did a CrossFit 661 workout. The highlight was a set of three reps at 365 lbs in the deadlift. I was very happy with this effort. I also at least tried the metcon workout, finishing three rounds of 10 thrusters and twenty sit ups in 6:55.

I weighed 189 lbs, and I had my blood pressure checked at the doctor’s office today, registering a very low (for me) 131 over 70. That is the lowest blood pressure reading I have ever had. I have actually had them in the 165 over 128 area, so we are talking a huge improvement with just exercise and diet alone. And, last but not least, in my humble opinion, I look the best I ever have. Maybe some day I will have the (nerve) to post a photo of myself with my shirt off, for all the world to see! Oh my!

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  1. Let’s keep the shirt on Hun. U are still a professional to. I’m proud of the changes u have made. Good job Hun.

  2. Georgann permalink

    I second Michelle’s comment. Congratulations on your good health report.
    Love, Mom

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