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Another great hour of banjo

October 28, 2013

I played the banjo for another hour. I am learning the clawhammer style. It is easy and very pretty. It is the style used to play the banjo prior to the bluegrass style. Yes, the bluegrass style is a fairly recent invention. Depending on what authorities are cited, it could have started as late as the 1930’s or even 1940’s. The clawhammer style, amongst others, was the predecessor and was played since the development of the banjo in the early 19th century. The clawhammer style involves a three pattern stroke of individual note, followed by a strum and then a grace note. The pattern is “bum diddy” or “claw hammer”. The bluegrass pattern consists of “rolls”, played in a certain memorized pattern depending on the songs, like thumb, index, thumb, middle (called a forward roll). There are lots of and lots of different bluegrass patterns (or rolls), which can be mixed and matched for effect in different songs.

Yes, I am having fun learning the different ways the banjo can be played.

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  1. Georgann permalink

    Things are more complicated than they appear at casual observation. Have fun.

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