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Never tell Dad you are bored

October 19, 2013



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  1. Yes cause Nana will find something to do LOL. Tyler was a very good sport, we actually enjoyed ourselves!!! Even the triplets got in on drying the car. Teach em while they’re young !!!

  2. Georgann permalink

    Tyler is a lovable kid. He has a great smile. Good for Nana–always thinking!

    Blessings to all, Grandma G.

  3. Iva Gukeisen permalink

    That is so Cute !!!! And yes the only good answer to being bored.

  4. Ha ha ha!! Love it. Good job honey. See and it’s cheaper washing the cars at home to.

  5. Oh and heck ya. Me destiny and the triplets washed both my cars before I left. They all enjoyed it, and it was a family event. Plus the babies were sooo worn out, they slept in the next morning. Lol

  6. We washed all 3 cars for ya hon ! Looking forward to hugs and kisses from you lol ! Missed you bunches! I know the babies are gonna be all over ya. I cooked all day today so you guys should be set for meals for few days. See you soon love you more mom

  7. donaldlgreene44 permalink


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