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I want to create something

October 19, 2013

So, I was driving home last night after a very, very long day at the office. After working myself to death, I had practiced a little banjo while I cooked myself dinner and then headed home with a vicious sinus headache that was so bad my entire face was in pain on one side.

Suddenly, I found myself thinking, “Three years ago, my life was just fine, now I’m stuck at the bottom, with no where to climb…” Hey, that’s a country tune! Say it all rednecky with me.. In my head, I could hear the moan of the cello, the chord progression on the accordion, and the banjo finger picking harmony up top. Wait, now I just need to make it so that other people can hear it. As I well know, if only I can hear the voices, it gets lonely….

I have wanted to compose music for a long time. I am not content to merely parrot the words and feelings of the Beatles and Mozart and Willie Nelson: I have stuff to say too!

Unfortunately, in order to compose music, you have to understand music theory: Insert sound of screeching brakes here. I have lots of books on music theory: Most of them would baffle graduate students at Berklee College of Music. I had gotten to the point where I figured music theory was like the Russian language: incapable of being learned by anyone but unimaginable geniuses. However, I then came across these videos on YouTube:

Wow! Clear, concise, and understandable. Nice! I dusted off my Sibelius program I bought last year and found so frustrating and resolved to try to find the patience to learn that sucker. The problem is, I suck at computer type stuff. Horribly. Oh, and patience with computer stuff is not my strong suit. But in order to compose, I need to figure out how to make music on this program. So I will give it another shot. I spent three hours today studying music theory.

The three instruments I am working on mastering fit nicely into a pseudo-band. The cello is a good rhythmic instrument, the accordion is made for chords, and the banjo is an attention-getting high pitched instrument. And hey, it would sound different. I don’t want to be the hundred-thousandth best singer songwriter who plays acoustic guitar.

  1. Erica permalink

    Wow, sounds like a challenge dad! Composing music is pretty tricky stuff. Good luck!!!

  2. Georgann permalink

    You are always up for a challenging adventure. It will be interesting to see if you can make it happen. Best wishes.
    Love, Mom

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