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My children’s interests at two years old

October 14, 2013

Cyrus is our busy little organizer. He loves to play cooking, cleaning, and carefully examining toys and playing with them. He inherently loves “boy stuff”, like soldiers, sharks, and bears. He got down on the floor and spent half an hour carefully examining a little space ship soldier carrier toy he had.

Laila is our book worm. She can spend half an hour straight flipping through a book and looking at the pictures. But if I ask her if she wants me to read it to her, “No!”

Bella just loves her baby. She carries it around, kisses it, feeds it, and changes her diaper, complete with use of wipes, rash cream and baby powder.

So, Cyrus will be the builder, Laila the intellectual, and Bella the Mommy. Wanna bet?

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  1. Georgann permalink

    Could be. The unique personalities develop and express themselves very early. Time will tell what will happen in the future. It is fun to watch how they grow.
    Love, Mom

  2. You pegged that lol. They are so precious to watch ! They are growing so fast.I cooked all kinds of food to hold you over till we return Thursday. Gonna miss you all but you keep up the good work holding down the fort. Love you all more mom & dad

  3. Erica permalink

    I can’t believe I’ve missed so much with them!!! 😭 Not being there on their birthday was a sad, sad day.

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