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Columbus Day is for practicing music

October 14, 2013

Since last week was kind of a poor practice week, I thought I would make up for it by being dedicated today. It was a holiday, I got my rest by taking a nap this morning, and I really had no excuses. So I started by doing two hours on the cello and then did half an hour on the accordion.

By the way, I came across an interesting article on the issue of how many hours a day should be devoted to practicing a musical instrument. Basically, it depends on when you start to lose focus. Studies show that usually starts around the two-hour mark and very few people can go four hours. I think if I stepped my game up to, say, an hour during the week and two hours during the weekend, I would see dramatic improvements. I don’t know if it is feasible, though. Sometimes I come home and I am just exhausted. Certainly it would be a nice goal.

One Comment
  1. Georgann permalink

    Playing an instrument takes energy and focus. It is difficult if you are tired. It should always be enjoyable to gain the most benefit.
    Love, Mom

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