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The Louvre, Paris

October 9, 2013



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  1. awe… the mona lisa… She was quiet the beauty. Well fought over to just stand before her to. Just to be a few feet away from her, many would jab, elbow, push, shove. ect… good thing I’m immune with 7 kids. I can push elbow, jab with the best. lol. Put me in the game coach, I’ll go stand right in front of her. lol. The line wasn’t bad there, the weather was beautiful. Well it has been the whole time. We only got stuck once in a total down pour. And a little light sprinkle. Think today we also gonna go say good bye to our favorite server here. Tourne. He’s been so friendly to us. It’s nice meeting a server that will dang near almost sing to u at breakfast. lol 2 days left… booo…

  2. Why u switching Apts ?? Going to different area? Berlin?

  3. Georgann permalink

    I am happy to hear you have had good weather. It was a bit cold in May when I was there. I can understand your sadness to say good bye to Paris. May the rest of your trip be just as enjoyable.
    Love, Mom

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