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Michelle at the Arc du Triomphe, Paris

October 9, 2013



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  1. Ben , you got yourself one hot french chick lol MeChelle my belle

  2. They were actually having a ceremony while we were there under the bridge. It looked as if it has been for fallen soldiers. As a fire was lite and flags were held up while families intertwined with the military as it was all blocked off as they did it. It’s a very beautiful sight though. The arch is massive. We didn’t go up to the top, as everything of course in Paris costs something. lol heck better not have to sure the toilette that bad, and be out of change lol. Today think we gonna go do our boat tour though… something relaxing. Maybe some walking the streets by the Norte later this evening. That’s the popular shopping and hang out spots. It’s very beautiful down there. People are so very very friendly. But it’s not the same without u here. I miss my travel buddy. Cat would rather mcD (which is NASTY HERE) then a plate of cheese and meats/or something French. lol Love you, kiss kiss

  3. Georgann permalink

    Great picture, Michelle. I missed Don when I was in Paris, too. It is such a romantic city. Thanks for the photo.
    Love, Mom

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