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Michelle at the Tower Bridge, London

October 9, 2013


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  1. Pretty girl ! How awesome u girls got to see all of London ! Where’s abby road pics ?
    We all love you, miss you ♥♥♥ mom

  2. Actually London bridge isn’t very pretty. This one is the famous Tower bridge. The one that is now the tourist attraction. From what I understood, the “London bridge” really did start to fall down. And now it’s in pieces somewhere in Arizona (states). London bridge does still exist in a different way there now in London. It’s not the big tourist attraction anymore though. They have show’s you can go see under it. That include Jack the ripper, and other famous scary dead things that are “London famous:” If we had more time, I totally would of done it. It’s a wake under the London bridge, down into where there was dungeons ect. They transformed it into a walking haunted house type thing, with all sorts of scary things/people jumping out at u. sounded awesome. But when you only got 8 hours in :London, you hit things as quick as you can to see as much as you can. But we did hit 98% of our monster list. lol Would say that’s pretty dang good.

  3. Yes we did see London bridge in Arizona. It was hotter than hades there lol

  4. Georgann permalink

    Don and I took the Jack the Ripper guided night walk through the London streets. That was quite the memorable experience. I am glad you had a few hours in London.
    Love, Mom

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