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Women, be careful traveling, even in Paris

October 5, 2013

So, my wife and her friend went out to enjoy the “White Night” festivals in Paris tonight. It is a big city-wide party scene, like First Night in Bakersfield. I urged my wife to be careful.

Well, it wasn’t such a good evening. A group of drunk French guys approached them and asked them something. Sorry, English only. Then one violently grabbed my wife by the sides of the head and started forcing a kiss on her. She pushed him away and ran.

They went to a cafe to settle their nerves. And as shitty luck would have it, a very drunk British guy fixated on my wife. He sat down next to her, started insulting her and calling her names, then ordered her to take him home for sex. When she refused, he started undressing right there. Thankfully, the wait staff intervened and he started getting violent with them and threatening to kill them. That gave Michelle the opportunity to get away from him, and the police arrived shortly thereafter.

She suffered a torn earlobe from the kissing guy, but nothing worse. Ladies, be careful out there….

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  1. I’m seriously okay first off. Just rattled my nerves pretty good. What’s suppose to of been an evening of art and light shows, ended up being just a whole lotta drunken people. Which was really gross walking down the sidewalks seeing vomit on the curb. Which might I add, both of these happened within a block or two of the notre dome. Which if you have been there, they are very very public places. We were walking along the top part of the river, where taxi’s, cars, even police drive by every few min. Not an unsafe area u would think. Just goes to show things can happen anywhere. I was dressed in dark pants, and a good size jacket… so trust me, I wasnt wearing nothing that asked for any of it. From reseach it was hard to say what the Nuit Blanche was suppose to be about. It looked like a street fair type of event. With galleries and museums open all night. Not quiet what we expected. We werent out looking to party, just to see what this Paris Annual was all about that’s advertised all over Paris. Maybe I just had “A**Hole Magnet” stamped on my head tonight. Which actually from experience now, the first night we were here and tooo excited we had to go see the tower, a guy that night even tried to grab my hand. But didnt think tooo much of it. I just jerked it away and gave him a dirty look and moved on. Dont get me wrong, we have ran into and spoken to sooooo many nice french. The stereo type of the in general they are jerks, isnt true. I’ve just seem to of found the handful. So staying in at night from now on…

  2. Georgann permalink

    GOOD GRIEF! I am keeping Michelle and Cat in my prayers. Drunks are the same everywhere–obnoxious! Being out after dark is risky anywhere, I guess, for young women, especially during a festival when people are drinking. So sorry this happened is this beautiful city.
    Love, Mom

  3. So true be safe honey we love you and want you home safe and sound. Agree stay in after dark. So sorry you guys had to experience that.
    (((HUGS))) MOM & DAD love you more ♥♥♥

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