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Let’s party like it’s 1653!

October 5, 2013

Long time readers of my blog will recall that my musical goal is to record music and post it. I like combinations of musical instruments, since just one instrument can sound monotonous unless you are playing an amazing piece with awesome skill. A duet is inherently more interesting.

My previous musical combination I was working on was guitar and harmonica. It’s a classic combination. However, there are about a million people who play guitar and harmonica way better than me. Plus, I got turned on to the cello. It just seems so much more expressive than the guitar. So, hmmm, what goes with the cello? The harmonica? Well, not so much.

At work my business manager listens to bamboo flute music. In his stressful job you need that kind of relaxing vibe. I noticed it sounded a lot like the alto recorder I have. After doing a little research on Pandora, I came across lots of Baroque music that features the cello and the recorder. They sound pretty nice together. So I have started playing the alto recorder. And yeah, I am playing what most people consider to be a children’s toy, but hey, it’s music. And the alto recorder is fun, portable, not too hard to play, relaxing, and not as high pitched as the descant or soprano recorders kids play at school. This one is a little lower and therefore less annoying.

I know dividing my attention to learn two instruments at once goes contrary to all the expert’s advice, but to get where I want to go it is necessary. And it provides some relief from the boredom of just grinding away endlessly on one instrument.

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  1. Georgann permalink

    Interesting combination. I imagine it could sound quite beautiful. I look forward to hearing you make this recording someday.
    Love, Mom

  2. donaldlgreene44 permalink


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