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A great way to ruin a Saturday morning

October 5, 2013

I went to CrossFit 661 this morning. I did “Kelly”, which is supposed to be five rounds of 400 meter runs, 30 box jumps on a 24″ box, and 30 wall ball shots with a 20 lb. ball. I scaled it back with a lighter ball and a 20″ box and still barely managed to slowly stagger through three rounds. And I barely made those. I was the worst athlete by a long shot at the workout.

I am going to step my game up to three times a week. I want to make more progress on my fitness.


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  1. Georgann Greene permalink

    Be careful! Lighter workouts should be in order if you are going to increase the number of times you go to the gym in the week. Caution is the best policy at your age. I have experienced a muscle pull in my hip recently.. I think I must have done too many squats. I am going to scale back the intensity of my workouts. I don’t feel as if I am overdoing while I am working out. I resolve to be more aware of listening to my body during exercise. Love, Mom

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