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More frustration with Grace

October 4, 2013

I tried the epic “Grace” workout tonight at CrossFit 661. It was much more difficult than it had been in the past. The workout is supposed to be 30 repetitions of clean and jerks of 135 lbs for time. I got 17 clean and jerks with 135 lbs. and just got too tired to continue. I was going to quit, but I dropped the weight down to 115 lbs. and ground out the rest for a total time of 9:15. That was the slowest score in the class. It is also pathetically slow compared to some guy named Ben Greene who used to do it much faster.

I have been trying hard not to keep track of my workouts or compare myself either to other people or even to myself in order not to go through life beating myself up over every workout. But yet I cannot deny that tonight was frustrating. Oh well. I am at least staying consistent with two workouts a week. Maybe next month I can step my game up to three workouts a week and get a little more in shape.


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