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A letter to the future me

September 28, 2013

Tonight our family had a great evening. The triplets were in a very playful mood. They were running in circles, screaming and singing. They attracted a big crowd. Michelle, myself, the boys, Destiny and Sara all played along, wrestling, kissing, laughing. It was a really nice night.

I have to remind myself that the triplets will not always be these fun little puppies. Soon, they will be independent big kids, playing their video games endlessly like zombies. My big boys, if I interrupt their game and ask for a hug, give me a quick and reluctant hug before they get right back to their game.

It is important to preserve these memories for the future.


From → My children

  1. Georgann permalink

    These are precious moments with the babies. You have the maturity to appreciate that this time goes by quickly. Lucky you!
    Love, Mom

  2. Yes hon they do grow up fast !!! I vividly remember Destiny coming into this world. I called her lil peanut. She was tiny. I quickly had to remind myself to stop calling her that before it sticks lol. Can’t believe she’s going on 16. Love em , hug um, cuddle em as much as u can now. Like u said ” not as easy the older they get. LOL

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