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10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: Opening Night Gala Concert | LA Phil

September 26, 2013

10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: Opening Night Gala Concert | LA Phil.

Yes, my very greatest musical hero, Yo Yo Ma, the famous cellist, is playing at opening night for the 10th Anniversary Gala for the LA Philharmonic this evening. And no, I am not there.

Why, you ask? Because I would do anything to see him: Anything at all. Except pay $266.00 I don’t have, which is what the tickets cost tonight.

Yes, this sucks. There was a time in the not too distant past when I would have laughed at $266.00 and gone without a second thought. That time is no longer. Now that represents a whole lot of groceries and diapers. Sorry, Yo Yo. I’ll catch you later, pal.

The good news is that there are a lot of tickets available for a lot less later in the season. There are $35.00 seats for several organ concerts and chamber music concerts on off days. Since I love chamber music and organ concerts, I am perfectly ok with that. I will make the pilgrimage to LA to see those concerts later in the season, if nothing else for inspiration and wonder. Just because I am broke doesn’t mean I can’t be classy…

It still sucks to miss Yo Yo Ma, though. Sigh…


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One Comment
  1. Georgann permalink

    I hear you, son. I would be spellbound with this concert.
    Love, Mom

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