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I (heart) Puerto Rico

September 1, 2013

Even though we live in the Internet age and lots of information is available online, it is interesting how skewed a travel destination’s reputation can be compared to the reality.

I think Puerto Rico is getting a bad rap. When you read about it online, it is all: Poverty! Gangs! Drugs! Crime!

I am not denying that there is an element of Puerto Rican reality that may match that, but it is far from the tourist zones. Where I am staying, I am continuously amazed by the massive police presence. I have never seen anywhere so many police patrolling such a small area as the Isla Verde section of Carolina, the suburb of San Juan we are staying in. It would be hard for a crook to get away with police passing every few seconds.

I think the crime situation here should not be compared to some mythical paradise, but other real rivals. South Florida, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, heck, Bakersfield: you can find dangerous parts of all of them. But Puerto Rico is clearly trying as hard as it can to keep the tourist safe. It certainly appears to be working.

Puerto Rico has lots of advantages. People speak pretty good English, they use the dollar here, you are under the protection of American laws. The people I have met have all been very nice. The service is excellent. The people are strikingly attractive and of mixed ancestry, so anyone would feel welcome. I notice that a large percentage of American tourists here are black.

The weather has been great. Nice sunny days with warm breezes, perfect for enjoying the beautiful beaches and warm waters. The lifestyle seems pretty laid back here, too.

Moreover, both the flight here and the hotel prices were pretty reasonable. There are other places in the Caribbean that are much more difficult and expensive to get to and with higher hotel prices.

The range of options as far as entertainment is huge, too. San Juan has a lot more sophisticated options, than say, Tijuana. There are lots of fine restaurants here and a variety of attractions.

I understand residents do not pay income tax. If I was a wealthy hedge fund manager, I would move here in a heartbeat.

About half the commercial space here is vacant. I wonder why more tourists don’t come here. It certainly is a beautiful and relaxing place, and makes for a great vacation. Puerto Rico is an underrated destination.


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One Comment
  1. Georgann permalink

    I appreciate your observations and comments. Glad you are having a positive experience.
    Love, Mom

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