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I find inspiration in the strangest place….church

August 11, 2013

My son Jacob invited me to go to church with him and his friends this morning. I had to promise not to use profanity or embarrass him. Eye roll. Sure, son…

I knew the church he was inviting me to. I went there once a long time ago. It’s the church for the poor people with no manners. Before you judge me for judging them, attend a service there once. Today I saw people stand up and walk out during the service, yawn loudly, talk, take phone calls openly, text the entire time, you name it. The audience at auto races and professional wrestling shows behave better. I mean that literally. I have no idea how the pastor holds back from screaming when some members of his flock openly disrespect him like that. I wonder if some of them are just going to get brownie points with their parole officer.

So my expectations were low. But if my son invites me someplace, I’m going. And God really must exist because the sermon was on stress and worry. This, out of the infinity of possible topics, was the perfect one for me this week, today. What are the odds? Sheer luck can’t explain it.

The sermon was magnificent. It was full of real wisdom. I took every word to heart. And I felt much better afterwards.

I thank God for that message to me. The rest of the audience might have found it boring, but I loved it.


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  1. Bravo !!! That’s how God moves my son ! The same thing happened to us in Oregon. We were driving in the car me, Destiny and Tyler. The topic came up about Destinys friend Christian was a atheist. Reason he said was because God was never there for him and let him down. I explained to Destiny NO Christian is WRONG. DONT EVER THINK GOD IS NOT THERE FOR YOU, HE IS. I went on to remind her if her personal experiences. Then at the nazerene church that night they had a message right on exactly what we were talking about earlier. God hears every word we speak. Its likened unto an umbrella when it’s raining, WE ARE THE ONES THAT STEP OUT FROM UNDER THE UMBRELLA. GODS protection is there it’s us who TURN OUR backs or just not listening. Joey, Tyler & Tayler all accepted Jesus in the last month. So happy to hear of your experience this morning !!! Love you more hon, mom

  2. Georgann permalink

    I believe if you open the door to let God’s light shine through, the Lord smiles his blessings upon you. Thanks to your good son, Jacob, for leading the way. You are fortunate to have a teenager who takes time to share his faith with you. What a lucky dad you are.
    Love, Mom

  3. donaldlgreene44 permalink

    Good for you!

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