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Of good food, music and meditation

August 10, 2013

It was a great family day. My wife’s family came down from Lemoore to spend the weekend with us. Erica and Jacob came over to spend the weekend with us as well. Melissa and Sara were working the weekend, so we had a total of eight adults, two teenagers, and six children. Michelle and I made burritos for breakfast. Lynn, Destiny and Tyler made homemade pizza for dinner, with Destiny making chocolate cake from scratch for dessert. Pretty impressive.

My favorite moments were the meditation sessions and the many musical moments. We had two meditation sessions, with a total of eight participants. I suggested meditating on a theme of gratitude for such good family relationships. In my job, I see a lot of tragic situations, and we are blessed to have so much love in this family.

Tyler, Tayler, Joey, Jacob, and myself all played music throughout the day. It sounded very good. Even the relative beginners like Tyler and Tayler sound darn good on the saxophone and trumpet, and Jacob is out of this world. He played both the guitar and the cello. I loved his cello so much I want to learn it, at least a little. It sounded beautiful. I sounded OK on the accordion. We are blessed to have such a talented family.


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  1. Georgann permalink

    I know this is your dream come true. The time you spend on music will build a solid foundation with your children and be remembered as they grow. Thank you,son. Keep it fun. That will keep it going.
    Love, Mom

  2. Erica permalink

    Sounds like a great life dad. I’m happy that you’re happy too. 🙂

  3. donaldlgreene44 permalink

    Good stuff!

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