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Milestones: Cyrus wants to read and dance

August 10, 2013

Cyrus saw me wearing a shirt that had “USA” printed on it and immediately starting pointing at the letters and repeating “I” and “E”. Even though he was incorrect, he knows that those are letters that symbolize sounds, not just some sort of design. I thought that was impressive at his age.

When he and his siblings went up to say good morning to their mom, he ran over to the radio and turned it on. When the music started blaring, he and his sisters showed off their mad dancing skills and enjoyed themselves. I again was impressed that he had learned how to turn on the radio like that.

From → My children

  1. They are all very intelligent and very smart toddlers. They learn very quickly. We have been learning letters from their magnetic letters on the fridge several times a week. He will pull one off and I’d tell him what letter it is. Sure most the time he says a different letter then it is, lol but he would say a different letter. At least showing the knowledge that he understands its a letter. Also got them all some letter, shapes, and colors books that they can trace them in, erase and retry. Which they love doing. They all naturally love boogin to music. And didn’t take long at all learning how to turn it on, as well as the keyboard, and printer many times a day lol Laila has learned a few Spanish words from her time she hangs out with Sammy. As well as Melissa and sara daily we all are counting items, learning colors and how different things work. Laila also knows how to put her own pants on. Lol Cyrus will tell me when he needs to poop lol getting close to potty training time. Bella is our little girlie girl. Loves her hair done, nails painted, and to wear pretty things. For not quiet 2 yet they are way ahead where they should be. Which is due to all the interaction they get from everyone here. Their brothers, sister, mom, dad, nana, papa, great grandmother, and our nannies Sammy, Melissa and Sara. Huge comtributors to their advancing so quickly. Bella even can put on her own shoes. We def have some smart little people growing up. Can’t wait to celebrate their 2nd birthday here in a month exactly. 23 months old today…. How time has flown by.

  2. Georgann permalink

    Congratulations to one and all. The toddlers are growing by leaps and bounds in all directions. This is precious learning time. You are making the best of it. I see lots of good happening. Go Greenes!
    Love, Mom

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